What is an eVisa for Turkey

Turkey eVisa is an electronic visa that’s available for travellers from more than 90 countries. The eVisa system was implemented by the Turkish Government back in 2013 aiming to facilitate the visa application process and pre-screen the incoming visitors at the same time. Turkey eVisa comes in two major types:
  • a single-entry eVisa that allows a 30-day stay in Turkey
  • a multiple-entry eVisa that enables 90-day visits to Turkey
The type you’ll be eligible for differs based on your nationality. Around twenty countries have been listed as eligible for the multiple-entry Turkey eVisa, while the single-entry eVisa for Turkey is available for nationals of seventy countries.

Tourist Application Requirements for a Turkey eVisa

The application requirements for the Turkey eVisa are not demanding and won’t require many preparations. However, the exact documents needed will differ based on the applicant’s nationality. Some travellers may only need a valid passport to complete the process of applying, while others may need a few more supporting documents for their application to get approved. Most travellers listed as eligible for the multiple-entry Turkey eVisa can apply with simply a valid passport on hand. Travellers listed as eligible for the single-entry Turkey eVisa will most likely need to attach a few additional documents to their application. Among some required documents are:
  • a valid visa or residence permit for the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or any Schengen Area country
  • a copy of the traveller’s return ticket
  • hotel bookings for the stay
  • a flight ticket booked with one of the specific airlines listed
  • proof of having sufficient funds for the stay
Now to complete the actual online application process, you’ll need:
  • an active email address
  • an internet connection
  • any working device, such as a phone, laptop, or PC
  • access to any online payment method of choice

How long is an eVisa Turkey Valid for

Turkey eVisa stays valid for 180 days (six months) from its issuing date. Travellers visiting Turkey with an electronic visa must have a passport that will not expire for at least six months forth from the intended date of entering Turkey. The allowed length of stay differs depending on the traveller’s nationality and may be either 30 or 90 days spent in Turkey.

How to apply online for your Turkey eVisa

To apply online for your Turkey eVisa, first, check which Turkey eVisa you’re eligible for and check which documents will you need to collect. Next, prepare the required documents and complete the online application process by:
  1. Providing the necessary data into the online application form while making sure to avoid making mistakes or misspellings
  2. Double-check the given information and submit your completed form if everything is correct
  3. Cover the Turkey electronic visa issuing fee and check your email inbox for the confirmation email
  4. Wait for your Turkey eVisa application to get approved

What Is the Processing Time for the Turkey eVisa

The processing time for the Turkey eVisa is 72 hours. Travellers applying for the Turkey eVisa should note that the application processing takes place during business days. That is why it’s crucial to submit one’s online application no later than 3 business days of the scheduled departure date to receive the needed document on time.

What is the Cost of a Turkey eVisa

The cost of the Turkey eVisa differs based on the applicant’s nationality and the type of Turkey eVisa applied for. The price comes in three options of:
  • 69 Euro
  • 99 Euro
  • 129 Euro
Eligible travellers applying for the electronic Turkey visa can easily cover the issuing fee using any preferred online payment method.

Do I need any other documents to enter Turkey

Travellers visiting Turkey during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic must gather a few additional documents, including the Turkey Entrance Form. The Turkey Entrance Form is an online health declaration introduced because of the ongoing Covid-19 that requires travellers to provide some basic personal, contact, travel, and health-related information. The form is available to be completed online and should be filled out within 72 hours of one’s planned arrival in Turkey. After completing the Turkey Entrance Form, travellers receive a PDF confirmation that should be presented upon arrival in Turkey, along with one’s eVisa and valid passport.